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  • Ian Hallas, Principal Bass

Pet of the Month: Yantar

Yantar, impeccably dressed for his next concert

If stress, separation anxiety and chronic bowel disease were a cat, you would have Yantar.

Yantar is a four-year-old Siberian Forest Cat. He came to my wife Nomin, Percy and me in February of 2020. He was born in Russia and flown to Chicago to become a king at a local cattery. We adopted him upon his retirement from this position. Yantar immediately became attached to all of us but our first boy, Perseus (two-time Pet of the Month), was very reluctant to accept him. Percy aggressively asserted himself for the first few months but things eventually calmed down. During much of 2020, we had a standing afternoon appointment for snuggles and boops. Yantar was an absolute all-star during times of grief and sadness. We do not know what we would have done without his affection. When he’s not cuddling up next to one of us on a heating pad, he is scream-crying for food, scream-crying to be played with, or scream-crying because he doesn’t know where he is. He loves starting fights with Percy that he knows he can’t win, and he is currently learning several commands by shadowing his older brother.

Yantar, in his kitten years

All the best vocalists howl on their backs

Yantar, Percy, and so much floof

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