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  • Melissa Trier Kirk and Terri Van Valkinburgh

Opening Night!

Da Flutes! Alyce Johnson (Flute/Piccolo) and Mimi Tachouet (Principal)

After 18 months away, we are thrilled to be back, performing again at our beloved opera house.

The Sept. 17 opening night of Verdi’s Macbeth marked the beginning of Maestro Enrique Mazzola’s tenure as Music Director. Playing together again was magical and the performance brought smiles to our faces (even behind masks) and the audience to its feet.

Please enjoy a few photos from that evening and join us in rejoicing at the start of a new season of opera.

Calum Cook (Principal Cello)

Heather Wittels (First Violin)

Our clarinets will make you feel all the feels.

Trevor O'Riordan joins Susan Warner (Acting Co-Principal) for MacBeth.

All the Judys, all the oboes

(Judy Kulb, Principal, Judi Zunamon-Lewis Assistant Principal Oboe/English Horn)

Second-to-none, John Robinson (Second Violin) joins Yin Shen (Principal Second Violin).

French Horns? How about Mensch Horns, amiright?

Clockwise from lower right: Jon Boen (Principal) Neil Kimel, Samuel Hamzen, Robert Johnson.

Unintentional photo bomb by William Denton, Principal Trumpet.

This guy knows the score! Actually, he makes sure it's on the podium. Ladies and gentlemen,

John Rosenkrans, Principal Librarian.

High fives for the low brass:

Principal Trombone Jeremy Moeller with Mark Fry (bass trombone) and Andy Smith (Principal Tuba).

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