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  • Susan Warner, Co-Assistant Principal Clarinet

The Show Must Go On

Like every year, the approach of June brings the final days of the homeschool year. This is nothing new for our family as I have, for the past eight years, shepherded my kids through their education with a substantial dose of music thrown in.

Three months ago, it was easy to make lemonade out of lemons. Our college-age son was under our roof. Regular family dinners around the table. Game night. Movie night. And of course, quality time for homeschooling.

But reality has set in, and my brain refuses to stop questioning.

When will my Lyric orchestra colleagues sit side by side in the pit?

When will I hear glorious voices above me on the stage?

What is the future of live music?

It will take incredible creativity and perseverance to keep live music relevant in these times.

But if I’ve learned anything in the past three months, it’s that music is truly essential for the human experience. As we sing from our balconies, bang pots and pans from our porches, and perform on our front yards, the world flocks toward the music to find comfort and joy.

We have no other choice: the show absolutely must go on.

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