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  • Melissa Trier Kirk, viola

Volunteering at the Greater Chicago Food Depository

Our group volunteer repack session at the Greater Chicago Food Depository this year included members of Lyric Opera’s administrative staff in addition to Lyric Opera Orchestra members, Chorus members, and Stage Managers. With hair and beard nets in place (because we're fancy that way), we joined other groups and sorted, repacked, weighed and labeled 13,680 pounds of potatoes, enough to provide 22,433 meals for our neighbors in need throughout Cook County. That night, visions of sweet potatoes danced in our heads!

Michelle Hoehne (assistant to Anthony Freud) and Karl Davies (viola), spud masters

Back row: Amy Hess (viola), Melissa Trier Kirk (viola), Sonia Mantell (cello), Peggy Stenger (stage manager) Front row: Stephanie Karr (Senior Director of Music Administration), Terri Van Valkinburgh (viola) The smiley guy in the back (before hair netting): Lewis Kirk (bassoon)

(from left to right) Top row: Robin Bradley, Solomon Joyles-Bradley, Pam Williams, Karl Davies, Peggy Stenger, Peggy’s husband Mike Holmes, Stephanie Karr, Lewis Kirk, April Busch, Sonia Mantell Bottom row: Melissa Trier Kirk, Terri Van Valkinburgh, Charity Franco, Michelle Hoehne, Amy Hess

April Busch - Technical Operations Director Charity Franco - Human Rescources Associate Michelle Hoehne - Assistant to Anthony Freud, General Director Stephanie Karr - Senior Director of Music Administration Robin Bradely - chorus Solomon Joyles-Bradley - (12-year-old son who worked so fast we repacked all the potatoes in the warehouse, an unusual feat).

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