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Congratulations Judi!

Photo credit: Todd Rosenberg

One of the first things that happened this season, even before we got started rehearsing, was an audition for the position of Assistant Principal Oboe/English Horn. Our hard-working audition committee heard close to 50 highly qualified and talented applicants over the course of a week – and after the whole process was over, the winner was our own Judi Lewis, (previously Lyric Opera’s 2nd oboist), who moved into the position immediately. Auditions are grueling and stressful. We know how extra difficult it is to audition for your peers, so it makes Judi’s accomplishment even more impressive. Here’s what Judi herself says: “Everyone knows how stressful auditions can be, so when entering the room, I chose to remain in a zone that did not allow me to recognize the faces on the audition panel.” Brava to Judi for her remarkable self-control and focus! Why put yourself through all of this when you already hold a position in the orchestra, you might ask – well, Judi had thoughts on that also. ”Food for my soul, the English Horn has always been a love of mine and I am over the moon excited about my new role. Playing so many beautiful solos in the operatic repertoire is a dream turned reality.” More good news for us: Anne Bach will be back with us for the season, filling out our amazing oboe section. Don’t miss hearing these three awesome women (Judy Kulb rounding the section out as our principal oboe) create double reed magic in the pit!

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