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Lyric Orchestra Alma Maters

The beautiful graphic above highlights some, but not all, of the colleges, universities, and conservatories Lyric Opera Orchestra members attended. In a survey of 51 musicians (there are more of us, but not all are the survey-taking type), we have: 50 bachelor’s degrees 34 master’s degrees 3 Doctor of Musical Arts degrees 1 PhD Some people were awarded artist diplomas, performance certificates and graduate diplomas in addition to their music degrees. One person has a minor in composition. A few intrepid souls also have degrees in other areas: chemistry, cinema studies, and French. One person was a Fulbright scholar. As for years playing, the time devoted to our instruments spans a range of 14 - 63 years, totaling 2196 years, with an average of 44 years per person. Not to ‘toot our own horn’ (although, hey, we’ve got horn players), but along with the ear-plugs, valve oil, reed shavings, errant bow hairs, and rosin dust (literally everywhere), there’s a wealth of education, experience, and love for what we do in the opera pit. And maybe a stash of 'emergency chocolate.'

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