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  • Melissa Trier Kirk, viola

Making Seasons Bright

Melissa Trier-Kirk, Frank Babbit, Karl Davies, and Lewis Kirk

Chicago Lyric Opera Orchestra members violist Melissa Trier Kirk, violinists Frank Babbitt and Karl Davies with bassoonist Lewis Kirk joined with Lyric Opera Stage Artists members Pamela Williams, Cathy Dunn (on piano) Corinne Wallace-Crane, Janet Farr, Marie Sokolova, Bob Morrissey, Hoss Brock, Jeffrey Taylor and Heidi Spoor and special guest trumpeter and Rehearsal Department Manager Ben Bell Bern to perform a Holiday Musical Extravaganza at Wesley Place in Chicago. In the 'extra skills' department, Karl and Frank usually play viola at Lyric Opera, but can be called on to 'switch hit' on violin when needed.

Chorus members and Ben Bell Bern (trumpet) perform for residents at Wesley Place

Frank Babbitt performs part of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

The merry band! Thanks to Melissa for letting us use her 4 santa hats!

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