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A Drink for Meeting the Ladies

Siegfried, the namesake for the third opera of Wagner’s 4-opera Ring Cycle, is a fearless (perhaps not the smartest) young man who re-forges his father’s broken sword in Act I, uses it to take out a previously invincible dragon in Act II, and throws major shade on the CEO of the gods, Wotan, in Act III. Somehow in all of this he’s never met a woman, so when he’s surprised by one in the latter part of Act III his first reaction is, “This is no man!”, or “Das ist kein Mann” in German. Lyric Opera Orchestra’s mixology R&D department (violinist Teresa Fream) was tasked with concocting the Siegfried cocktail for a recent orchestra celebration and she began with a variation on the Manhattan. Thus, the name of our cocktail was born:

It definitely takes the knots out of your 'I-just-played-a-5-hour-opera' body. It also smooths over the awkwardness after you've just blurted out something stupid to your intended love-interest, Siegfried-style. Just sip and try not to talk about your family.

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