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Thank You to the Music Staff

The Chicago Lyric Opera Orchestra is thankful for... the MUSIC STAFF of the Lyric Opera of Chicago.

You are the behind-the-scenes heroes who work magic on our productions, but receive little public glory. You know every detail of every score by heart. Because of your meticulous preparation and conducting, the offstage banda performs perfectly despite the seemingly impossible task of coordination between the orchestra in the pit and the banda WAY offstage. Your inspirational coaching of principal singers from the keyboard gives every production cohesion and perfection. During a rare moment when there is a memory slip onstage, you urgently whisper the missing Italian text from the prompter’s box and save the show. Admittedly, sometimes the orchestra would love to let loose and blast out the exciting moments, but with your encouragement to lessen our dynamic, we understand that the singers ultimately should be heard over us.

Although we may not say it often enough, thank you to the Music Staff for your tireless work on every single production. Because of you, the Lyric Opera of Chicago is a world-class opera company.

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