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Thank You to Our Patrons

Introducing ThanksGiving Week! — a chance for the Lyric Orchestra to thank those for whom we are especially grateful.

The Chicago Lyric Opera Orchestra is thankful for... the PATRONS of the Lyric Opera of Chicago.

Whether you are a long-time season subscriber or single-ticket buyer, we are grateful for your patronage of the Lyric Opera of Chicago. Your enthusiastic "bravos" at the end of a thrilling aria fill our hearts. When you are perfectly silent during an intensely dramatic scene, we know you are as caught up in the moment as we are. And at the end of the opera, when the conductor invites the orchestra to stand, your loud cheers fill us with incredible gratitude.

Thank you for coming to the edge of the pit and waving. Thank you for wearing “I ❤️ Lyric Opera Orchestra” buttons. Thank you for coming to the opera.

Fun fact: At a recent Siegfried performance, only 16 seats remained empty in the giant 3,563-seat Civic Opera House theater. You filled the hall to 99.6% capacity! That’s a lot of opera lovers!

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