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  • Linda Baker, Co-Assistant Principal/Bass Clarinet

Dallas Calling!

In late May I had another one of those "now we need you, now we don't " moments. On the Monday of the final week of Jesus Christ Superstar I got a frantic call from the personnel manager of the Dallas Symphony. They were doing Die Walküre that week, and their bass clarinet player had spent all of Sunday in the ER with a kidney stone. He asked if I might be available. I told him about the show I was doing but that it could almost certainly be worked out. He said not to do anything yet, he wanted to see if their guy might be okay. He told me he would confirm by 4:00 pm. In the meantime, I had gotten in touch with Sue Warner, Co-Assistant Principal Clarinet, to determine that she could step in if I went to Dallas. The 4:00 pm deadline became 5, then 6, so I called to see what to do. The guy said he was 98% sure they would need me. A few minutes later he called to ask how soon I could get there. I texted Christine Janicki, our Personnel Manager, to fill her in and I texted Sue to let her know she was on. Not two minutes later I got another call from the Dallas personnel manager. When he called their Music Director to tell him the bass clarinet crisis was resolved, the Music Director said he had already been in contact with the player who had done it with him in Hong Kong last year, so that guy was going to play. So no trip to Dallas. It had made for an exciting few hours. Glad I didn't have to do it, but it did get my blood pressure going for a while there.

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