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  • Terri Van Valkinburgh, Assistant Principal Viola

Pet(s) of the Month

It’s spring - finally! Everything’s gorgeous and in bloom, the birds are singing. Yes, finally it’s spring! At least, everywhere but Chicago. We celebrated Passover/Easter with a balmy 38 degrees (and a low of 26. Hahaha this is just too much, I mean COME ON CHICAGO!!!). Can’t we get a break from the cold and snow (no joke) that’s on its way? Is that too much to ask while the ENTIRE REST OF THE COUNTRY basks in warmth and beauty? I personally haven’t seen any color outdoors that wasn’t brown, grey, or had the word ‘dirty’ in front of it since mid-November.

But here at Pet of the Month, the newsletter team’s pets have mastered the art of ‘denial through napping’: shove your human off the couch, close your eyes, and think of warmer days. Let us learn at the feet (paws) of the masters.

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