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Fellow Travelers

17 musicians, mostly members of the Lyric Opera Orchestra, performed in a Lyric Unlimited production of Gregory Spears’ Fellow Travelers at the Athenaeum Theater last month. Spears’ remarkable score combined the melismatic style of troubadour singing with minimalist repetitive figures to tell a poignant love story between two men, set during the “ Lavender Scare” of the McCarthy era. Kudos to clarinetist Susan Warner for her beautiful solos and to violinist Pauli Ewing for stepping into the concertmaster chair.

Pictured are Irene Radetzky, Pauli Ewing, Daniella Candillari, Melissa Trier Kirk, Heather Wittels, Wei Denton, Mark Brandfonbrenner, Karl Davies, Graeme Mutchler, Reed Capshaw, Susan Warner, Jennet Ingle, Eliza Bangert, Andrew Anderson. (not pictured David Volfe, Al Wang and Rika Seko)

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