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Yin Shen: About Us
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Yin Shen: Mission

Yin Shen, Violin

Principal Second Violin

Hometown: China, Zhejiang
Joined the Lyric Opera Orchestra: 2007
Education: master degree

  • What is your most memorable Lyric performance or experience?

To me, performing La Boheme for the first time with the Lyric opera orchestra eleven years ago and the grand opening performance this year were two quite deferent experiences.  Even though it was the same music and with the same orchestra, this time I felt even more grateful and moved by Puccini. There was so much humanity and tenderness in his music. I guess that as we grow as musicians, we discover new ideas and deeper feelings. For me, this is what makes music so great.

  • What work/s coming up in future seasons are you are most looking forward to performing, and why? 

I am very looking forward to performing Siegfried. While learning and studying the composition, I could not help but wonder how Wagner was able to create such imaginative music. His artistry has surpassed many composers of his time. It would be such an honor to play a magnificent composition like this. 

  • Why did you choose your instrument?

I started learning the violin when I was four-years-old. My father chose the violin for me, because that was his passion, and also he thought that it was the best thing in life that he could offer and pass down to me. Fortunately, violin has become the passion of my life too. 

  • Share a favorite audition story:

It’s hard to pick an audition story as my favorite one.  However, I do remember my first audition vividly. Ten minutes before the audition, I was taken into a little room for the final preparation. I could feel my heart racing. Looking at the pages of excerpts that I have been preparing more than seven hours a day for many months, I was so afraid that my stage fright will cause mistakes on any notes. The amount of pressure, emotionally and physically,  before and during the audition is something that all musician have experienced.

Yin Shen: About
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