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Robert Morgan

Assistant Principal Oboe

Assistant Principal Oboe/Solo English Horn Robert Morgan has been in the orchestra for 45 years and is a very active performer throughout the Chicago area in orchestras and as a soloist.  

Robert has seen many changes over the years at the opera: when he first came the season was far shorter, consisting of a fall season followed by the Nutcracker Ballet.  He also notes that things were much looser, and there was “just a lot of weirdness,” including the unpredictable firing of musicians and drama in the pit (there was some talk of an armed guard being present at one point).  

But there have been some memorable moments for him also.  “Well, of course the Ring with Zubin Mehta was an absolute high point, and Sir Mark Elder and Daniele Gatti – especially his Madama Butterfly.  Those moments when you feel everything is working together – conductor, orchestra, singers, production – when you have these special musical experiences as part of the whole group, that is the ultimate fulfillment for me.”

Robert plans to continue his musical activities outside of the opera in his retirement. He is teaching at Northwestern University an average of 10-12 hours/week and is a founding member of Rembrandt Chamber Musicians.  He also has a thriving business, Chicago Reed Company ( which provides reedmaking services and the W.R.I.S.T. device, which Bob designed to help support the weight of certain wind instruments and reduce muscular stress. He is also a gifted woodworker, and has crafted many beautiful pieces for auction and for custom orders.  Both Robert and his wife, flutist Sandra Morgan, appreciate great food and wine, so hopefully retirement will give them more time to enjoy all of it!

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