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Robert Johnson: About Us
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Robert Johnson: Mission

Robert Johnson, Horn

Hometown: Oak Park, Illinois

Joined Lyric Orchestra in 1991

Education: Bachelor of Music, Indiana University; Artist Diploma, College-Conservatory of Music of Cincinnati

  • With which other orchestra/s have you performed, either as a member or as a soloist?

I perform with the Grant Park Orchestra as well as Music of the Baroque. As well, I have toured extensively with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. My first three orchestral positions were in Singapore, Santiago, Chile, and Barcelona, Spain before coming to Lyric Opera: music has truly been an international career for me.

  • What is your most memorable Lyric performance or experience?

Of course, playing the Ring is always a highlight. This upcoming cycle in 2020 will be my third venture, the previous ones being led by Zubin Mehta and Sir Andrew. It is truly a musical journey demanding great stamina and pacing while being drenched in one of the most luxurious vocal and sound baths ever written. Fantastic!

  • Was there a specific moment or experience during which you first connected with your instrument or with opera in general?

Listening to and watching the Student Prince with Mario Lanza singing. The beauty of the tenor voice as well as the horn playing in that movie drew me to the horn - the warmth and versatility of color was the major attractor.

  • Outside of the pit:

I like to teach meditation. I am a long-time practitioner and have designed a class specifically for musicians and those in the performing arts geared towards creating better focus and concentration, enhancing relaxation and fostering greater stage presence as a result. I have presented this in many schools of music and conservatories, mostly in the Midwest, as well as for professional organizations.  I also teach the public classes as well.

Robert Johnson: About
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