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Pet of the Month: Kaiju

We're getting to that point in summer where everyone has TOO MANY TOMATOES, but I just wanted to show you what else we've got coming up in the garden. This guy sauntered into our back yard somehow knowing he was in for a good meal, and he was right (ahem: we're suckers). We run out with bowls of food and treats whenever we see him but, for extra fun, we procured some catnip in a pot that he seems taken with. Sometimes he'll be asleep in the pot when we find him in the morning, other times he'll take a roll in it after he's finished eating. While he's too skittish for pets or coming inside, we hope we can talk him into the indoor life soon. We call this little dude Kaiju (named after a Japanese sea monster), and while he's not going to take out the local metropolis any time soon, he's sure working on destroying this plant.

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