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  • Rebecca Oliverio, Acting Assistant Principal Trumpet

"A Prayer in Darkness"

Alan Hovhaness’ “Prayer of St. Gregory” features our Principal Trumpet, Bill Denton. The piece was composed as an intermezzo for Hovanhess’ opera Etchmiadzin, and he described it as “a prayer in darkness.” Bill gave some personal insight into his experience with the piece and what it means to have it performed on this concert. “I have played the piece on a few occasions and always with organ. This will be special to perform it with the Lyric strings.” When asked about the significance of this piece on the program, Bill said that it was chosen for its contemplative and prayerful style. “The only preparation, other than playing the piece at home, is to have an understanding of the character of the piece; 'a prayer in darkness’ I think sums it up pretty well, particularly when we contemplate the suffering endured by those directly affected by the war in Ukraine.”

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