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A Link in a Musical Chain

For cellist Walter Preucil, teaching is an essential part of life. He has taught privately in his Schaumburg home since he joined the orchestra in 1988 and his deep love for music and teaching is immediately apparent when you speak with him.

“Introducing this amazing art form to students is like being a link in a chain. This chain stretches back to the beginning of music, from teacher to student, and forward into the future. As a teacher today, I think there’s a direct link, only a few generations back, to musicians like Mozart and Beethoven”

Walt studied cello at the Eastman School of Music with Paul Katz and at Indiana University with Janos Starker. He has performed extensively as a soloist and chamber musician and made his New York City recital debut in 2002 to critical acclaim. His passion and commitment to teaching have enriched his community and all of those lucky enough to have worked with him. For Preucil the most important aspect of teaching is patience.

“I get a kick out of being the person who explains to a student what an up bow is, what a down bow is, basic knowledge that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. For me, being the person to teach that is magical.”

A life-long learner himself, Walt explains that what he has learned from teaching others is enormous.

“When you teach, you constantly explain and re-explain the technical aspects of playing and it solidifies your own technique. My teacher Janos Starker often said that he could not perform without teaching”

Walter’s private students range in age from 8-18. He also coaches chamber music for the Schaumburg Youth Orchestra Chamber Program, started by his wife, violinist Stephanie Preucil. Their students feed into high school orchestras, youth orchestras, and summer music camps and keep them flourishing. Walt’s gift to our community is to nourish new generations of music lovers by sharing his patience and tremendous talent as a teacher.

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