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  • Terri Van Valkinburgh, Assistant Principal Viola

Pet of the Month and Pizza Thief, Dexter

Dexter's main philosophy: what's yours is mine. My boyfriend Kevin and I are staff to 3 cats but Dexter is the most carb-motivated. Not one to waste any part of the pizza, he loves to sleep on the empty cardboard box it came in. Although he's an older guy and really just wants to nap and yell about his dinner, he's pretty easy to live with and has been known to seek out a human lap to curl up and doze on. He's not one to back away from a challenge, be it the vacuum or that tasty last bit of food on your plate. Donuts, angel food cake, and bread of any kind have all met their doom by his paws. Beware mini-marshmallows - he's coming for you next.

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