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Thank You to Our Families

The Chicago Lyric Opera Orchestra is thankful for… OUR FAMILIES

The musicians of Lyric Opera Orchestra are where we are today, due to our families. Because someone in our lives—a parent, mentor, or friend—valued music when we were young, each of us began the long journey from rank beginner to professional Chicago Lyric Opera Orchestra musician.

Many of our parents were our very first music teachers. We realize that teaching our own children is never easy, but ultimately yields greater rewards than the original goal. Thank you to our parents for tolerating joyfully painful beginner recitals, driving miles in snowstorms for music lessons at the nearest university, and encouraging us to first practice our instruments before playing outside with friends. Thank you for helping many of us pay for expensive schooling and instruments—a necessity before being able to win an audition in a major orchestra.

Thank you also to our spouses and significant others. You pick up the slack when our unusual work hours demand that we miss mealtimes, carpools, and general household duties. We are grateful for your ability to help us sensitive-types see things rationally and your unending support at our performances.

A special thank you to our children, who have learned to be flexible. We know that our work schedule isn’t the most convenient for raising a family. We hope that our availability during odd daytime hours makes up for missed school open-houses, family dinners, and precious bedtime routines.

Thank you to every person whom we call “family.” Today is our day to enjoy our time together.

Now, go eat some turkey.

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