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Thank You to the Board of Directors and all Donors

The Chicago Lyric Opera Orchestra is thankful for…

the BOARD OF DIRECTORS and all DONORS of the Lyric Opera of Chicago

We understand that you could choose to support any of the wonderful institutions of Chicago, but you have specifically chosen the Lyric Opera of Chicago. For this, we are eternally grateful.

Your gift makes a tremendous impact on so many people—Chicagoans, worldwide opera-lovers, subscribers, single ticket buyers, tourists, students, seniors, as well as the artists and employees of Lyric Opera itself. Your gift not only guarantees that opera will exist in the short term, but you are also guaranteeing a legacy of culture to Chicago and the world by remembering the Lyric Opera of Chicago in your estate planning and long-term giving.

We know that it is expensive to present grand opera, so we are incredibly grateful that you understand the immense value of art and culture in this modern world. Singlehandedly, you are ensuring that future generations will have the opportunity to experience the only art form that combines beautiful voices, a full-size classical orchestra, theatrical stagecraft, and compelling dramatic narrative that allows an outpouring of every imaginable kind of emotion.

Your generous gift is a gift to all of humanity. Thank you so very much.

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