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Thank You to Production, Technical, and Ushers

The Chicago Lyric Opera Orchestra is thankful for… the PRODUCTION / TECHNICAL EMPLOYEES AND THE USHERS of the Lyric Opera of Chicago

From the stage directors and managers, carpenters, and electricians. To those who work in lighting, props, scenery, wardrobe, makeup, and wigs. Every one of you is of vital importance to make the show run smoothly. When the Lyric Orchestra musicians dare to explore the backstage realms of the Civic Opera Building, we are amazed at the hum of activity—a veritable beehive of bustling workers with racks of costumes lining the hallways and a gorgeous cacophony of rich voices heard from behind closed doors.

Thank you for every costume perfectly tailored, every light at the right angle, and every hair in place. Your contribution to the final operatic product is stunning.

A special message to the USHERS: Thank you for making sure that every performance starts on time while gracefully providing advice and special assistance. And a particularly big thank you for allowing the Lyric Orchestra fans to spend extra time at the edge of pit chatting with us during intermission.

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