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An Apology to the Viola Audition Candidates

From the Musicians of the Lyric Opera Orchestra regarding Lyric Opera of Chicago management’s decision to cancel the upcoming viola audition: Our sincere apologies to our viola audition candidates

  • For the airline tickets you purchased

  • For the hours you spent practicing opera excerpts

  • For the coachings you paid for to prepare for this audition

  • For the time you could have spent with family instead of learning unfamiliar repertoire

  • For the time you could have dedicated to another audition for a different orchestra - one that wouldn't rescind its invitation with little notice

  • For taking time off from work for your scheduled audition date here

  • For inspiring hope about joining a world class opera company — one that unfortunately seems to be operated by people with little respect for your time, talent, or money

  • For our belief that this audition wouldn’t be cancelled on less than 2 weeks notice

We value everyone’s commitment to preparing for all auditions. We know the 10,000 hours minimum you put into learning your instrument, and we know it’s both exciting and terrifying to walk through the stage doors to an audition. In our recent contract negotiations and strike, we fought hard to keep this and several other positions from being eliminated. Ironically, it all fell on deaf ears.

We wish you all the success in the world. We’re very sorry your success can’t be with us.

The Musicians of Chicago Lyric Opera Orchestra

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