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Strike Follow-Up Q&A

photo by Del Hall

Question: Why did we go on strike?

Answer: To preserve opera at Lyric Opera of Chicago. Our wonderful city has built, through decades of philanthropy and visionary leadership, one of the great opera companies of the world. It has brought opera’s greatest stars to its stage to collaborate with our world-class orchestra and chorus. By eliminating broadcasts, reducing the number of opera performances, and reducing the size of the orchestra, the current direction of management indicates less and less commitment to this incredible cultural achievement.

Question: What did the strike accomplish?

Answer: Although we did not accomplish everything we had hoped for, there are some things we were able to gain. The season will be shorter, but not as short as originally proposed. We are losing four musicians instead of five. Our pay will still be less, but the pay cut is less than we were originally asked to take. It raised awareness that Lyric Opera as we know it is in jeopardy. We were stunned by the overwhelming public support for the orchestra and our cause. Opera is still vital in the 21st century and to the city of Chicago. As a long-standing cultural icon, Lyric Opera deserves stewardship that will ensure that grand opera remains strong in Chicago.

Question: What happens next?

Answer: We will continue to make our voices heard to preserve the mission of Lyric Opera: “Producing and performing consistently thrilling world class opera” (this is from their actual mission statement). We need your help. Join us and make your voices heard. We love opera and we know you do too! Call (312) 827-5600 or leave a comment on Lyric Opera's Facebook page: Click here.

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