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  • Jeremy Moeller, Principal Trombone

Pet of the Month: Ferguson!

Ferguson is a twelve-year-old Bichon Frisé. My girlfriend, Sara, got him as a puppy, and they’re virtually inseparable. Even though I’ve only known him for two years, I’ve become extremely close to him as well, and couldn’t be a more proud “step-owner”!

Ferguson has one of the friendliest personalities I’ve ever met, and brings joy to everyone, even people walking past him on the street.

He’s been a registered therapy dog for some time, and occasionally goes to places like the Misericordia Home to bring smiles to those that live there.

He also is more human than any pet I’ve ever met. He regularly sits and stands up more like a human than a dog. All of these poses were his own doing, no human “pose directing” needed... except maybe this last one ;-)

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