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Jesus Christ Superstar!

photo credit - Theater Musicians Association Chicago Chapter

Lyric Opera's American Musical Theater Initiative has morphed into Broadway at Lyric, so April and May found many of us engaged in something completely different - Lyric's production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar. From the challenge of playing in a style that is really different for us to being high on a platform next to a rock band, it has truly been an experience out of the ordinary!

The orchestra platform was encased in a leaf-adorned black scrim to hide us during the performance. Here is a shot of the platform for the rock band as seen from our violin section.

This view from the orchestra onto the stage gives an idea of how high the platforms were.The cast met around this tree for a group "pep talk" before each performance - like a football team does!

Metal palm fronds for the Palm Sunday ride into Jerusalem

Nice try - there is no containing the glitter!

from left: chorus members Hoss Brock, Matt Carroll, pianist Bill Billingham and Bill Combs orchestra members Ann Palen, Heather Wittels, and Amy Hess

Be sure to check for fun backstage videos on Instagram! Visit us there at

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