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Congratulations to Preman and Ian

When you already have a job in an orchestra, the absolute hardest thing to do is to audition for another position in that orchestra. As difficult as every audition is, at least one usually has anonymity. Not so when your friends and colleagues sit in judgement, comparing your playing that day with the playing of scores of other hopefuls. Hopefuls that came from all over the world. Hopefuls that might be younger and hungrier than you. Perhaps they are still in school and are devoting hours a day to preparing their audition music. You, on the other hand, are devoting hours a day to learning the operas you are already performing many times a week, while preparing the audition music. It’s a tough situation, and it takes exquisite musicianship combined with nerves of steel. So it makes us very happy that two of our own navigated this and won titled positions in our round of auditions this spring! Preman Tilson (left) has won the position of Principal Bassoon that was left vacant by the retirement of Jim Berkenstock, and Ian Hallas (right) will become our new Assistant Principal Bass after the retirement last year of Brian Ferguson. Congratulations!

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