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The Giving Continues!

At the busiest, most stressful time of the year, we presented the idea of organizing a "Giving December." We were blown away at the response.

These wonderful people - Heather Wittels, violin, and Amy Hess, viola, were the engine that propelled this project! As people expressed their desire to participate, Amy and Heather grouped them together and organized projects according to availability and interests. They created chamber music groups and arranged the venues for performances. They sent some of us to pack boxes of food for those in need. And they helped some of us interact with the ill, elderly and lonely while repurposing floral arrangements that would otherwise be discarded. This project would have not been possible without these two, and we thank them!

We need not have worried about this project - the generosity of our colleagues was overwhelming. We can have a profound effect on people, and this was a great way to give back outside of the orchestra pit. There are future plans for concerts at retirement homes, services for the hungry, and more - this project continues! Stay tuned to see what is coming next!

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