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Pet(s) of the Month: Halloween Edition!

What is Halloween if not a golden opportunity to humiliate our furry friends with costumes? We can't help but notice that the dog looks really happy - the cats, not so much.

Presenting Leila, who was named after the character inThe Pearl Fishers! She wanted to channel her inner diva by dressing up asAida for Halloween. (that's a dazzling snake with its tongue hanging out on top of her hat). Her humans are violinist Laura Miller and Principal Horn Jon Boen.

This handsome dude is Beaux, who is doing a little bit of Halloween cross-dressing as a Valkyrie. He lives with violinist Teresa Fream.

Clawdius is a valiant cat who was born in his Halloween costume, and lives with cellist William Cernota. He deals with digestive issues and asthma, so no candy for him - just lots of toys!

And finally, from violist Karl Davies we have Emmit in his devil dog Halloween costume. His day job is fetching....

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