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Showing Yer Buns For Easter

Here at the newsletter, we thought it might be good to shake things up in the Pet of the Month department. We've had lots of dogs and cats but, with the weather warming up and Easter fast approaching, what could be better than showing off the buns of our wonderful personnel manager Christine Janicki?! She cares for/corrals five rabbits. Latte is a Harlequin & Pepper is a checkered giant. Both are 9 years old and clearly smitten with each other.

Lemony Snicket (an English Lop with high maintenance ears) and Violet (English Spot) are both 6 1/2 years old. Violet comes from the local rescue organization Red Door. Christine was bunny sitting Mr. Snicket and was eventually asked if he could stay with her; who could say no to those ears?

Finally we have Thelma, a 7 year old Silver Fox also from Red Door, eating her salad with gusto. We're not sure how a rabbit can also be a fox, but she's obviously pulling it off. Christine also, thanks to one of our former members Lisa Von Pechman, volunteers with Bunnies United Network (BUN) which is the House Rabbit Society of Illinois. We're so happy she's helped so many bunnies and, in light of how busy she is, we're also thrilled that she still has time to work with us.

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