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  • Teresa Fream, violin

A Curse is Broken

The Chicago Cubs – from loveable losers to World Series champions! I think most of Chicago was searching for a way to show their support, and perhaps feed a superstition or two… how awful would it have been to only show half-hearted support and then not win the Series?

So, we got the idea that if we could all wear our Cubs gear on the same day (there was plenty of it already getting worn in the pit) and enlist the services of our intrepid photographer Del Hall, we might get a photo for the ages! You read all about Del in our last newsletter, and this is just one fine example of what he is doing for us. Our fantastic colleague from IATSE, Rich Tyriver, helped us fly the W, and Del took photos while we rehearsed.

After rehearsal, we gathered, grabbed our flag, and sat for one last shot that included all of us together.

And a few of us stuck around for section photos!

Our low brass even posted their rendition of Go Cubs Go – it sounded fantastic, and you can still find it on Facebook at

There are many Cubs fans among us in the Lyric Orchestra (and you could make the argument that all of Chicago were Cubs fans there for a while), but it is also true that there is a lot for a musician to relate to when it comes to pro sports. The very concept of performing at the top of our level while under tremendous pressure is near and dear to us – it’s how we all got our jobs in the first place, and every performance equals stress. Control over body and mental focus are job one. And yet the joy of the game, or the performance, or the music is the whole point. Perhaps that’s why this Cubs team appeals to so many of us, because it is clear they love the game, and the stress they were under never seemed to take that away. What a great example they have set for all of us.

So, did our stellar show of loyalty and support make a difference? How about when Eric Owens, our Wotan, shouted “Go Cubs!” from the stage after a certain performance of Das Rheingold? Perhaps the combined emotional energy of millions of Chicagoans all focused on winning? We’ll never know – magical thinking dies hard, after all – but as one of our own noted, “The Cubs needed to win this thing so we, The Lyric Opera, can finally be the sole providers of tragedy to the city of Chicago. “ Well said.

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