Person Playing Bassoon

Lewis Kirk, Bassoon and Contrabassoon

Assistant Principal

Hometown: Kingsville, Texas

Joined Lyric Orchestra in 1987

Education: B.M. Manhattan School of Music

  • With which other orchestras have you performed?

After college I followed friends to Germany for fun and adventures. I took some lessons with bassoonists in Berlin and started taking auditions with the idea of getting experience. I landed a position as Principal Bassoon (Solo-Fagottist) in the orchestra of Bremerhaven on the coast of the North Sea. I stayed there for 5 years (1978-1983), making friends and playing operettas, operas, symphony concerts and a few solo appearances. When I got homesick for the US, I returned New York City. I slept on my sister's couch while looking for openings here. I was fortunate to get positions in the Santa Fe Opera and New Orleans Symphony. I stayed 3 years in New Orleans before taking the position at the Lyric Opera.

  • What is your favorite opera to perform, and why?

Salome by Richard Strauss - awesome contrabassoon part!

  • One of my favorite quotes:  

"Keep it as simple as possible, but no simpler." (Albert Einstein - told to the Orchestra in a rehearsal of "Dr. Atomic" by the director Peter Sellars)

  • What have you binge-watched lately?

The Crown, Victoria, Midsomer Murder, Collateral, Better Call Saul​

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