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Frank Babbitt: About Us
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Frank Babbitt: Mission

Frank Babbitt, Viola

Hometown:  Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Joined Lyric Orchestra in 1995

Education:  BA Lawrence University, MM SUNY Stony Brook

  • What is your most memorable Lyric performance or experience?

Rehearsing and performing Wagner's Ring Cycle over the course of four seasons.

  • Who are your favorite composers?

I enjoy playing the music of composers who knew how to write for the orchestra, so that would include a wide range from Handel and Beethoven to Strauss and Janacek.

  • Why did you choose your instrument?

There was a Schubert Cello Quintet reading that required a violist, and I jumped in. I fell in love with playing the viola.

  • Currently I’m reading:

I'm researching the life of the famous defense attorney, Clarence Darrow.

  • One of my favorite quotes:

"Shane! Come back!”

Frank Babbitt: About
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