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Teresa Fream, Violin

Hometown: Muskogee, Oklahoma

Joined Lyric Orchestra in 1991

Education: Indiana University, with additional studies at North Carolina School of the Arts and Michigan State University

  • What is your most memorable Lyric performance or experience?

My first Ring cycle here, in 1996, was epic to me.  There was a real sense of excitement and accomplishment throughout the orchestra.  For me personally, it seemed like the symbol that I had really become an opera musician.  

  • With which other orchestras have you performed?

I am fortunate to have had widely varied musical experience.  My first professional positions were with two different string quartets, one in North Carolina and the other in Texas.  Next came the Nashville Symphony under Kenneth Schermerhorn.  After nine years there I joined the Lyric Opera Orchestra.  In addition, I am currently a member of Music of the Baroque and Peninsula Music Festival.  

  • Outside of the pit:

I enjoy knitting – when I was a child, the owner of the local yarn store taught me.  My husband and I also have recently gotten some training in the casting of decorative concrete – countertops, tabletops, outdoor furniture and the like – and we are working on projects all the time!

  • What have you binge-watched lately?

Currently my husband Brian Groner and I have become addicted to Better Call Saul, the prequel to our last great television addiction, Breaking Bad.  We also are closely following a reality competition show called Framework, which features furniture design and construction.