December 27, 2019

The veil fabric from one of Sondra Radvanovsky’s Three Queens gowns, the pistol used to murder the Commendatore in Don Giovanni , the manacles used to restrain convict Joseph De Rocher in Dead Man Walking, a reed from Principal Clarinetist Charlene Zimmerman’s clarinet...

December 25, 2019

Banda members warming up in costume as gypsies and Spanish musicians

Have you ever wondered about those people playing musical instruments onstage at the opera? Or hear music coming from someplace other than the pit? Is it live or recorded? Are they really playing onsta...

December 23, 2019

Our group volunteer repack session at the Greater Chicago Food Depository this year included members of Lyric Opera’s administrative staff in addition to Lyric Opera Orchestra members, Chorus members, and Stage Managers. With hair and beard nets in place (because we're...

December 21, 2019

Kathleen Brauer (violin), Sister Helen Prejean (author of the book Dead Man Walking), and Mark Brandfonbrener (cello)

December 19, 2019

It gives us great joy to join our wonderful Lyric Opera Stage Artist colleagues to give back to our community. Bringing holiday cheer and favorite seasonal music to local nursing home residents has become a cherished tradition. Most of the residents we perform for can...

December 17, 2019

We've recently welcomed donors to sit in the pit with us during performances, giving them the opportunity to see what opera looks and sounds like from our vantage point (i.e.; a view from the pit!). We were honored to have our board president elect Sylvia Neil with us...

November 6, 2019

Part I
By Channing Philbrick, trumpet

When you are a member of the Lyric Opera trumpet section you are one of three players. Every time you come to work you are sitting next to and working closely with the same people. I can honestly say that it was a real privilege to...

November 4, 2019

The Chicago area musical community has lost a dear friend and treasured colleague. Matt Mantell, violist, lost his battle with cancer on September 28.

Matt was one of the hardest working people you can imagine. He was Principal Viola in both the Elgin Symphony and Ill...

November 2, 2019


When Lyric Opera Orchestra violinist Peter Labella and his wife, horn player and frequent Lyric sub Melanie Cottle, discovered 3 kittens in their tool shed, they knew the stray mom might not return if they allowed their curious grandchildren to play with them. De...

October 31, 2019

Cellist William Cernota and

Chicago Federation of Musicians President Terryl Jares

On October 11, Chicago Lyric Opera musicians joined members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra to receive a 2019 Bold Worker Justice Award from Chicago’s Grassroots Collaborative at the 201...

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December 25, 2019

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